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I want to make a buzzer works. I’ve read many tutorials, but my buzzer isn’t like the ones on the tutorial.

I have a KSSG1201-16 —> datasheet —>

I know I must use some resistor, but which value? Should I use Ohm Law to calculate it?
Because Arduino can be powered with 3V or 5V, but my buzzer operates at maximum 2V, I am wrong? If I don’t use a resistor to lower the current it will mostly burn…

Sorry for my ignorance, but I’m trying to learn while I make some samples/tutorials/projects I find around Internet.


The buzzer is 16 ohms. Since it has a low resistance and it is a mechanical device (highly inductive), use an external power supply to power it. There is a schematic in the data sheet you can follow.

From what I see on the DataSheet, I need a transistor.

Following the adafruit tutorial:

I don’t see any transistor, what if I don’t use any?

I don't see any transistor, what if I don't use any?

Then you can damage your arduino, it is a different type of sensor that they use in that tutorial.

Use the circuit as in the data sheet only put a 37R resistor in series with the sounder.

Typo Mike ? Should that not read 47R

Well I got:- 1.5V @ 16R gives a current of 9.3mA for normal operation. Then you drive it at 5V and want 9.3mA through it so the total resistance is 53.7R but the sounder is already 16R so subtract that to give 37.7R. Now that is not taking into account the Vsat of the transistor but that would only lower the required resistance, so I would stick with 37R.

Call it about 39 if it helps....

There is equivalent transistors? I mean, I don't have the one that datasheet refers, can I use other?

Maybe better to go buy the transistor :)


I don't have the one that datasheet refers, can I use other?

You can use others but you will have to get the data sheet for the one you have to make sure it is alright for the job you want to do.