Datasheets for LEDs in starter kit page are probably wrong


I think the datasheets for the blue and red LEDs in the starter kit page might be wrong. The ones shown in the datasheet are 12V LEDs with a built-in resistor, probably the kind of LEDs that are used for traffic lights and the like. I think the ones in the kit are actually regular 2V LEDs, similar to the ones described in the datasheets for the green and yellow LEDs.

I've already asked in the electronics subforum about this.

The links to the red and blue LED datasheets have still not been updated. Maybe we can update them for all future learners, so they can avoid the confusion we experienced.

The links on both the Arduino Starter Kit page ( and the Datasheets page ( are to datasheets with built-in resistors. They give no typical or max forward voltage, nor max forward current.

The red LED could be the L-7113IT (red transparent) or L-7113ID (red diffused). I can't find anything on the Kingbright website resembling the blue LED I have (round, 5mm, bright blue lens). Has anyone identified it?

This at least confirmed that I’m not crazy.
I’ve been trying to figure this out for a couple days and was sure that I just don’t know how to read a datasheet correctly. At least I won’t waste any more time on these sheets. But it’s still a bit frustrating not having that data.

Hi @sdraht which datasheet are you referring to? Where did you download it from? I took a look at the datasheet for the "Red Leds 5mm" from and see what the previous posters were talking about. However, the datasheet linked from the "Tech Specs" tab of the Arduino Starter Kit product page: are completely different, and don't appear obviously wrong to me.

I haven't found a link to that "Datasheets" page anywhere on the Arduino website, so I suspect it's just a dead page that was never updated or deleted.