Datastream via ENC28J60

This matter came up in

but I'm not interested in reading webpages and I thought it more appropriate to start a new thread with a lift of my post from the old.

That depends on the library you use. If you choose UIPEthernet your code will be pretty much the same as with standard Ethernet-lib for WIZ5100 based shields

Strewth, is it really that simple? All I want to do is send data to cosm or the like. I have been doing this with standard W5100 shields, just swimming with the tide, but I now want to use a separate breakout board. I have been hearing so much badmouth about the ENC28J60 that I have been too scared to ask.

Most of the libraries for the ENC28J60 were bad and old and are not maintained.

The EtherCard library was the only good one.

Now there is the new UIPEthernet
User ntruchsess put a lot of work into it.

Yes, that's what I was referring to. I will give it a go.