DateTime library help

hi everyone ! I eventually would like to make a clock of some sort and am probably going to try and use the DateTime library, except I don't know how to use it !

what I am asking is do you know of any tutorials on using it, and if not how would I go about doing as simple a thing as making an LED blink once a second, once a minute and then once an hour ?

sorry if this is to much to ask and thank you !

yes, I am a beginner myself and i found looking in the examples, found in the 'file' menu when you open an arduino sketch very useful. Check out digital and analog examples. These are explained a bit more on the arduino 'learning' website were it explains what each example is.

Hopefully this is of help to you!

Hi, Thanks for the advice :) After doing a little bit of searching on their website I found the Time library which is basically the same as the datetime library only easier to use ! Quote from

The code is derived from the earlier Playground DateTime library but is updated to provide an API that is more flexible and easier to use.