Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Hello! My time zone is Eastern Standard Time (EST) which is (UTC) - 5:00. Right now, DST is effect at the time of this post. Wouldn't it be nice for the time setting to automatically detect DST? Some time zones in the world have DST. I wouldn't want to change the time to Atlantic Standard Time. Also, when I go to Look and Layout Preferences section of my profile, and put 1 into the Time Offset form, and press "Change Profile", the time shown is increased by 1 hour, but the next day, it returns to normal.

What would be nice is for DST to go away, if for no other reason than so we don't have to code around it.

No disrespect to farmers (I grew up on a farm, my family still farms, and I eat quite regularly :) ), but we are no longer an agrarian society.


The reason for DST is to make more use of the daylight so to use less electricity and/or gas for lighting. With current energy prices quite actual and imho usefull. What is not funny with DST is that every country start/stops on a different day, that makes it crap and difficult to implement (esp international SW). That should disappear...

So ONE DST for the northern hemisphere and ONE for the southern hemisphere should be enough, changing on the same 2 days. And in the tropics no DST.

Then, why can't there be a button to manually turn DST on or off?

in the end it is the choice of the developer...