DC geared motor as Stepper motor

how to run a Dc geared motor into a step angle. anybody have code means help me.

The angular position of a DC geared motor can be controlled if there's encoder feedback. I'm pretty sure it's not possible to turn a DC geared motor into a stepper motor.

Printers used to use lots of stepper motors to move paper and print heads. New printers don't have as many stepper motors. Instead they used DC motors with very high resolution quadrature encoders. The encoder disks look like they have a grey band around the edges but this grey band is really a bunch of black stripes which are read with optical sensors to determine the motor's position and speed.

Servo motors can be positioned directly to any angle, mostly in the range 0-180°. Servo motors are DC motors with gears and built-in position feedback.

The term “servo” is also used to descibe expensive motors used for industrial CNC purposes that are used in place of stepper motors. They use encoders and software to provide position control

Most Arduino people use the term “servo” to mean the hobby servos that are used to control flying model airplanes etc.

@arulnanopix, what you are enquiring about is, perhaps, like an industrial servo. But you need to provide a lot more information.

If you are just looking for a simple solution the answer to your Title “DC geared motor as Stepper motor” is NO. A stepper motor will be much easier to use.

Stepper Motor Basics

A stepper. Motor has a mechanical design to it which allows it to maintain a fixed position which a conventional armature motor can also do if designed and geared correctly.

General motors can have other characteristics depending on what you are attempting to do.