DC Motor-25 power cuts out

I'm using 2 DC Motors to drive my robot. These motors are connected to a Makeblock Orion.

If either motor is receiving power, and is not moving (so it's stuck against a wall or something of the sort) then the left motor will cut out.

So if the left motor OR the right motor get stuck, the LEFT motor will stop working.

If I restart the robot it works again.

How can I stop this from happening??

Get a more powerful psu

How are you driving the motors? Are the motors the same?

In general you can...

Get a motor driver with current limiting

Sense the current and turn off the motor if it is stuck

Sense the speed and turn off the motor if it is stuck

Get less powerful motors (lower stall current)

Get a more powerful power supply and/or motor driver, but still do one or more of the above so nothing is damaged.