DC Motor and PID Controller and Pressure Sensors

Hello everyone.

I have been given a project by my professor to do an independent research.
I have to program a DC motor using PID controller and temperature sensors (we are also looking at the option with pressure sensors). I would program PID controller in Arduino.
I am just wondering if you have any input on what equipment to buy and guidelines as to how to set it all up.
Thank you.

DC motors don't get "prorgammed" they get "driven". You need a motor driver as well as your Arduino and sensors.

What are you trying to measure? To what precision and what range?

I have to burn materials within a tube, monitor their temperature via sensors and according to the temperature set the PID controller that will turn the DC motor on.
I just need a sensors that can sustain heat up to 1000C. Any recommendations?

Platinum resistance I think for that temperature. Maybe there's a thermocouple type
too, but it sounds rather hot.