Dc Motor Control

Hello I planning to control 2 dc motors via arduino. The Motors are 12v Motors draws about 30amps and the other about 10amps I have to be able to control speed and direction. Does anyone have schematics for a circuit i could use to drive either of these motors Thanks

Google can find a lot of h-bridge schematics, some good and some bad. You will probably be better off buying an h-bridge kit like below instead of trying to roll your own.


I thought of making my own motor controller (found some different tutorials after some time with google - like this one http://freecircuitdiagram.com/2009/02/01/pwm-motor-control-circuit/ ) but in the end I just bought a dual motor driver from Pololu. I am very happy with it and it is simple to interface with. It controls two 5amp motors. Note the difference of a motor driver and a motor controller! Drivers are more basic but achieve the same reuslts. But for 30amp motor you should use a high-power driver which can control only one motor. Pololu has some 25amp (continuous) models but you pay about 50 dollars for it... a driver for a 10amp motor is a bit less but still 40 I think. They all can control speed and direction and you can add a heatsink if you want to reach more amps in continuous operation.

I'm guessing that you have a 360w motor? If it's anything like the ones I've used then it's stall current will huge and so will its inrush so assume the worst. I'd plan on it drawing it drawing more like 40A when running too as the 360w may be its hp output. If you can afford it I'd recommend the OSMC. I am looking to order one myself very soon. They also sell some controllers for small motors.