Dc motor control

I’m building a project that requires 6 dc motors. How can I control all of these motors. Is there any way to use both a L298N module and a L293N module at the same time to control all six and on top of this I will need to connect 2 joysticks, one to control the 4 dc motors attached to the L293N module and one to control the 2 attached to the L298N module

I think you can do that. Why wouldn't you be able to? What part is holding you up? How many pins do the motor controllers need? What about the joysticks? I'm sure there is at least one flavor of Arduino that has that many pins.

But once I put on the L293N shield it takes up all available pins for the joysticks or the L298N

Oh now it’s a shield. You left that out. Well, don’t use a shield then. Get the chips and wire them up directly to the pins you want.

does it use all the pins? Have you read the docs on the shield? Are any of the unused pins broken out? Maybe you can use one shield and one bare chip?

You should also consider to leave historical parts for what it they are, and go for a modern motor driver, such as the tb6612fng.

About the same cost, much lower losses so they don't need a heat sink, much smaller overall as they don't need a heat sink.