DC Motor Driver of unknown Manufacturer

Hi there,
I found 3 old DC Motors “MAXON m97336 A 2” with Motor drivers. Unfortunately I dont have any tech. papers about the drivers and I’m also new to motor drivers (apart from a little knowledge in Steppers). I plan to use them in an Arduino project - and now I wonder how to use them with Arduino. The driver chip says: “L6203” (click for datasheet).
The driver case has following connections: one side has M1 and M2 where the Motor is connected to, and +24V and GND - not complicated so far.
The other side has: GND, IN1, IN2, EN, SE. After some internet research I could find that IN1, IN2 could be for direction and SE for sleep mode. But I dont know more about the driver or how to control it, or which library already does the job and is ready for me to use the driver.
Do you think its non-problematic to connect IN1, IN2, EN, SE to Arduino digital Pins, apply +24V to the driver and just test some motor driver code / libraries? Or could these pins also be other than logic level 0/5V?
Here some pics of the drivers:


As u mentioned just try it out. Connect GND to Arduino GND IN1 and IN2 and EN to Arduino I think SE might be the feedback current sense. So leave it disconnected for now, if it worked, you may be able to use this to read the current from the motor.

Just set IO pin high for EN and one of the IN1 or IN2, and logic low to the other IN See if motor wroks.

Hey SeanJ, thanks for the answer! I tried the following: - Connected 19V source to 24V/GND on the motor side of controller (unfortunately I dont have 24V but it should be enough with 19V?) - Connected IN1, IN2, EN to Arduino digital pins - Connected GND on IN1,IN2,EN-side to Arduino GND

Unfortunately the motor didnt do anything. What I've seen: When measuring Digital High-Pins with a multimeter when unconnected, they show +5V. But when I connect them to the motor driver, and measure with a voltmeter again, they only show +0.5V...? Why do they have different voltage output when unconnected / and when connected to the driver?

Thanks for your support!