DC motor hum

In playing with several small dc motors (3v up to 12v surplus), and controlling the speed with potentiometer-scaled pwm, I was surprised at the significant hum in the motors...seems to stay pretty noticeable until you get to about 75%-80% duty cycle. I used the set up from the ITP Phys. Computing web site....

Is their a simple explanation of what is going on? Is there a workaround? Better motors? I need the speed because I'm vibrating very thin rods, (think a guitar string with a standing wave), but I'd really like to have a lower speed without the noise......

Thanks for you help in advance!

Is there a simple explanation of what is going on?

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PWM frequency is just short of 500Hz, maybe if you increased the frequency to something like 20kHz, it would be less noticeable.

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However this might be because the windings move slightly as the sudden change in current cause a change in field and the windings repel. It is a function of how well the motor is wound. You can try filtering the PWM to more of a variable DC voltage or you could try changing the frequency of the PWM.

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Thanks for the response - I'm a newbie, so I'll do my homework and look into changing the frequency....