dc motor interfacing

i am interfacing the motor rmcs 2003 motor with rmcs 2302 driver.Can anyone tell the interfacing of the motor driver

Post links to all the hardware please, then we know exactly what you are talking about, and perhaps give a bit
more about what you want to do with the motor.


this is the motor is use.


and this is the driver.My aim is to control the speed of the motor by arduino

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Have you read the driver manual?

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So the motor driver takes one digital input to control direction, one PWM input to set speed.

Thus digitalWrite (direction_pin, direction);

analogWrite (speed_pin, speed);

would be the way to drive this - note both inputs are differential and thus the negative input should
be grounded as described on that page.

Reading the quadrature encoder is just like any quadrature encoder, but you have a high resolution
counter and may struggle to read it fast enough even with interrupt handler. 6000rpm at 2000 ppr
means 200k ppr at full speed, ie only 5 ┬Ás to read each increment from the encoder - don't think that
is feasible on most Arduinos.