dc motor matrix

what would be the best approach to control the speed (one direction) of dc motors (3V) in a 4x4 matrix from arduino?


To drive DC motors and control the speed you need to use a PWM pin from the Arduino board. But the Arduino bord only has 6 PWM pins.

The best way to control 16 motors would probably be to use something like this:



the first thing you need si a motor driver for each motor- this provides the current required by the motors. You cannot run a motor directly form the pin. Check/watch adafruit.com, I know she is working on a new motor driver that can drive something like 4 motors. once you have a motor driver for each channel, you can hook thee motor driver inputs directly to the Arduino pins, and do the 'multiplexing' in software. Have a look at the motorshield on the Arudino page for more basic motor driver info.


hi thanks for your reply!
i think you got me wrong there i'm talking about dc motors, not steppers. controlling one motor with pwd is no problem:

i'm trying to get one of the TIs TLC5940, but it seems to take forever to send them to germany. any ideas for something similar?

thanks a lot!