DC Motor Project

I am new to this forum and somewhat new to Arduino.

My project is as follows.

I have a DC 6rpm motor, I can control it with a motor control board that works by a remote fob, forward and reverse. It is supposed to be able to work as momentary, but the controller will not let me program it to do so. This may not be an issue if I use Arduino for all of this.

What I am trying to accomplish:

I need to be able to sweep forward and reverse with the motor with a momentary button for each direction. I need the total sweep to stop around 220-240 degrees, stopping at each end using a limit switch, allowing it to go no further than that amount. I know it will have to disable, for a couple of degrees, until it releases the limit switch from the direction it is ending in, but be able to sweep back the other direction until it hits the opposing limit switch. I am going to need to be able to control it wirelessly.

Any advice, instruction, help, or a nod in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I would entertain spending a few dollars for someone to help me with this project, as it is something that I really need done and I am not sure I will learn fast enough to get it done in a timely fashion.

Please advise.

Thank you

A schematic of the project and data sheets for applicable parts would help us to help you. We need to know what you have and how it is connected.

If you decide you want to hire, post in the Gigs and Collaborations forum.