DC motor scavenging

I'm sure this question has been asked in some capacity a billion times, so I apologize for bringing it up again....but

I'm new to Arduino...and broke (barely had the cash to get the arduino). I really want to start playing with DC motor control (with no specific end in mind beyond getting my motor to spin with arduino, and maybe some very rough ability to set the speed). I scavenged a few motors today from a destroyed laptop (cd drive motor and the laser position motor) but neither have any markings to indicate voltage, current, so on. How easy is it to figure this stuff out with a multimeter?

The motor that spins the cd has 5 leads coming out, I get a twitch from the four on the right just probing around but Im guessing this means Im missing some integral component to get real spinning action(ie im guessing its a stepper motor and needs some sort of pulse sequencing something or another).

The laser position motor has 2 clear power leads, and then 4 others in the front connecting to some sort of optical sensor.

Again, Im sure this is an annoying question, and probably more complex than anyone will wanna go into, but Id appreciate a point in the right direction or some sort of resource where I can read into things. Scavenging holds a lot of appeal but I often find myself at a loss for specs on stuff that isnt directly measurable with a multimeter.

google “cd motor” :wink: