DC Motor shield

I plan to use this motor driver shield to control four of my motors with a Arduino Mega 2560.

However, there is one limitation when it comes to the drivers, since each channel of the module supports 1.2A per DC motor.

One motor I'm looking at is this but I can't find anything about its current.

Can anyone help if this motor can be used with this shield, or point out to some DC motors that are within the limitations? I'm not doing anything too crazy.

I would suggest that you look at more modern motor drivers. The L293 drivers are ancient and very ineffecient. And the 1.2A output is very optomistic. Pololu makes very good and inexpensive modern MOSFET drivers and has excellent support for their products.

As to the motor specs, the important ones are rated voltage and stall (starting) current. The driver that you choose must be able to support both. The stall current can be estimated by measuring the motor winding resistance and dividing the rated voltage by the measured resistance.

On Polou, the drivers support 2 motors when I need 4. Is there a way to easily integrate two drivers?

Not sure what you mean.

Yeah nevermind, I see now. I think I'm going to do what you suggested and switch to the TB6612FNG Dual Motor Driver.

I'm still deciding what motor to use, but since it's most likely going to be any of the 12V, 1.6A stall current motors listed here. Any of those motors within the 12V table would be fine since it's stall current is within the peak output current of the driver (3A) right?

Looks good.