DC Motor Testing with ADA Fruit Motor Shield + Arduion UNO R3

Hello All:

I connected an ADA Fruit Motor Shield the version 2.0 with a 12V DC Battery Pack externally on its power terminals. The green LED comes on. I power the Arduino board using the USB cable. I don't the VIN jumper on.

Now, I upload the DC Motor Test program from the ADA Fruit Library. It uploads successfully, however, a DC motor connected to M1 terminal fails to run. M1 is also the instance of motor inside the DC Motor Source code.

I have checked the motor by directly hooking its power terminals to the battery terminals and it works fine. I see no volts when the code is uploaded to the shield.

Do we have to do something else after uploading the code from the Arduino IDE?

The arduino board and ADA Fruit Motor shields are brand new.

Please help.

Thank you.

Double check all the connections and the docs from Adafruit - you can ask
on their forum, they are enthusiasts and really want to give good customer
service in my experience. You didn't post the code you are actually using nor
a diagram of how things are wired up so its hard to guess... Read the sticky thread
about posting please.