DC Motor & TIP120. Confirmation I'm doing this correctly

While I'm hesitant to make a new thread over a subject that's undoubtedly been gone over many a time, it's the best way I can think of for confirmation that I'm doing this correctly.

I'm new to the Arduino world and fairly new to DIY electronics. I did take a class in high school on it about 14 years ago so I get what a resistor, capacitor, and transistors, etc are and have a vague recollection of how they work but that's about it.

What I'm trying to do is run a 12v solenoid. I found a wealth of resources on this both right here on this very forum and other places on the net and I think I've got the idea but would love confirmation, if anyone would be so kind.

Note: I noticed that I have the ground and 5v backwards on the breadboard. So ignore that bit :)

The two wires going to the Arduino seem to be RED for Ground and BLACK for +5V, the opposite of convention.

6 AA's aren't likely to give 12V BTW. But yes the basic arrangement seems OK (apart from the confusion on the Arduino's supply rails).

Always best to put the diode directly across the terminals of the solenoid / motor BTW.

Thank you for the confirmation and other bits of useful information.

So if I were to move the diode directly to the terminals as suggested I would connect the collector pin directly to the ~12v rail, correct?

I will actually be using 8 AA batteries not 6.. I guess I should double check my work before posting eh?