DC Motor Trouble

I have a DC Motor rated to run between 6V - 9V and it runs fine when connected to a 6V DC power adapter, and even quicker when attached to a 9V DC power adapter. When I configure the Arduino to power the motor using the VIN pin and attaching the 9V power adapter to the Arduino power supply, the motor takes a few seconds to start moving and moves considerably slower than it did before. When any type of resistance is placed on the motor drive shaft, it has a lot of trouble moving and can be completely stopped very easily. For my project I need to control this DC motor with the Arduino by having an I/O pin turn it on and off. I just don’t seem to be having any luck.

I attached a picture of the setup. The green and black wires on column A are attached to the motor. Thanks!

You will need to drive the motor with: a relay or transistor or H Bridge. These are controlled by the Arduino output pins.

The silver circular piece in the picture is a 2N2222 transistor.

I see the base resistor is 10K. Measure the current draw of the motor when it is connected directly to 6Volts. Your base resistance will have to be adjusted so the base current will enough to allow the "measured" collector current to flow.

Changed my 10K resistor to a 330 resistor and works perfectly. Thank you so much!

You should measure the voltage across the collector to emitter to make sure the transistor is saturated (with load applied).