DC motor works first time Only

Hello All.

I am using an Arduino UNO to write to a DC motor from Pin (~3). The first time I run the program, the motor works, but when I stop the program and turn it ON again, the motor does not work.


330 Ohm resister
PN2222 transistor

Also, when I running the program, the transistor is heating up. I attached a picture of the circuit. Please ignore the other parts of the picture. I just have the issue with the motor.

By the way, I using LabView as software.

Please help with explanation.

Thank you in advance.

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Post your code.

How big is the motor? Running it off the same power supply as the Uno is asking for trouble; motors are noisy and can draw fairly large currents (even small ones), especially when they're stalled or loaded.

Transistor is wired backward. Is base resistor 1k or 10k?

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OPs circuit;

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Check the pinout of the PN2222, there are more than one configuration.

What motor are you using, can you post spec/data please?

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