DC Motor

Halllo everyone ,

i am new with Arduino and i am having the following problem:

I want to connect a DC Motor on my Arduino Uno and simply on / off the Motor
can someone plz post a sketch and the source code?



You must make an effort on your own in this forum. We are not here to do the work for you. I see that you are new and I will point you in to the right direction. So you will need a relay that is operated by your arduino output voltage and the contacts in the relay should be able to handle the motor voltage and amperage. Now do a lot of google research Make an attempt in the code and then post if you are having problems.

You can also use a transistor to control the motor, but be sure to use a "flyback diode" and separate motor power supply. Never attempt to power a motor with the Arduino.

Google will show you lots of examples.

Here's a good place to start