DC motors and H-bridge

I started with arduino few weeks ago, and my bigest problems are the motors. Now I am working in a project were I'm using a H-bridge to control a DC motor by a IR remote control. The problem apears when I conect de 9V batery to the pin number 8 of my H-bridge to bring more power to my motor and this ones doesn't respond. I am using also another battery to supply the arduino.


Hi! Did you connect all the other pins on the H-bridge? If its the H-bridge that comes with Arduinos lab kit http://www.arduino.cc/documents/datasheets/L293D.pdf

To make anything happen you must connect: (8) Vs to motor battery (16) Vss to Arduino 5V (4,5,12,13) one of these to Arduino ground The following 3 pins to 3 Arduino digital ports (1) Enable 1 (2) Input 1 (7) Input 1

The following 2 to the motor (3) Motor (6) Motor Then write a program that sets (1) = 255, (2) = 1, (7) = 0

Hi, 9V battery, not a 9V smoke detector battery is it? ? ? They will not do the job at all.

Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png?

Tom.... :)