DC, Servo or step motor?

Hi, everyone,
Now I am considering about using two motors for my projects. Well, when I visit and find about motor here, only I can see the step motor.

Is it possible to use Dc and Servo as well?

If you say yes, which one would you recommend a good one for arduino?
I can see they are using cheep servo motors on wiring website. Is it possible to use those motor with Arduino and is it powerful enough?

thank you and good day.

i am driving two stepper motors with arduino with a stepper motor driver. therefore i just have to create a pulse signal for the speed and HIGH/LOW values for the direction. it works great.

i did not tried servos with the board but it should work the same way. here is a tutorial:

servos are very easy to use because you just can plug them in the board. you do not need ops and such stuff.

there is an easy way to make a gearhead motor out of a servo. just replace the potentiometer inside by a certain resistor:

Wow. That is good news for me. thank you.
If you do not mind, could you tell me which motor you use?

All links are really helpful for me. Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Hi Michael,

can I ask which stepper motor driver you are using??