DC to 9VAC circuit?

Hi there,

I've just gotten an oscilloscope, variable DC PSU and a Vellemann EDU06 oscilloscope trainer board.

I foolishly assumed I'd be able to power the EDU06 from the PSU, but on reading the instructions (!) I noticed that it requires 9V AC, not DC. So now I'm in the situation of not being able to use my sunday night to play with this, and am left wondering:

Is there a simple circuit I could make that converts x volts DC to 9VAC?

I've got a lot of components, and obviously a shiny new scope to check my work, but don't know how to do it or even if it's feasible. Any advice?


Surely simpler to buy a 9v AC wall power pack / wart.

Check all your old phone and similar devices wall packs , you might find an AC one in there; cannot see that 6 ,9 or 12v AC will make much difference to that circuit board.