DC voltage

Hi all,

I have a project of obtaining variable DC voltage across digital output pin say eg "8'. The input is analog, ie Pin A0 is controlled by pot. I tried loading the arduino board with the built in code "AnalogInout Serail" by changing the pin no.

As the voltage seen across CRO is varying between 0 to 5V. the intermediate is not visible. could anyone tel us how this can be solved

Use a Due, or a low-pass filter on a PWM pin.

Assuming it's an UNO you can't use PWM on pin 8. The pins you can use are marked with "~".


You can't use hardware PWM, software PWM can be done on any pin but its more problematic.

And as always ...

It works much better if you tell us what you are actually trying to do. :grinning:

No, I want to see another fourteen guesses, with arguments between the respondents and complex schematics and code before the OP says "Actually I found another way to do it."

Or is that the XYZ problem?

Well seeing as the real answer was given in reply#1 I think you will get your wish?

Checked out Paul's link?