DC2259 (LTC6811-1) going generic with Arduino Mega 2560


Thank you for the informative feedback.

I'm trying to connect DC2259(LTC6811-1) to Arduino Mega 2560. I followed the same instructions here: Going Generic | Analog Devices
However, the second part related to (demo_board_connected = discover_demo_board(demo_name); //!Checks if correct demo board is connected.) is not availble in DC2026C LTSkectchbook - Part Number - 6000 - 6811 - DC2259 Arduino code. So, i skipped it and only commented out quikeval_SPI_connect().

I still receive the message; 'PEC Error was detected in the received data'.

I have used the SPI connection available in J1. The connection was established as follows:

J1 Connector -> Arduino Mega 2560 pin

MISO -> Pin 50 (Pulled high via 1k resistor)

MOSI -> Pin 51 (Pulled high via 1k resistor)

SCK -> Pin 52

CS -> Pin 7 (header code was adjusted accordingly)

Ground pins -> all connected to a common GND

Vin -> 5V output

The voltage across VREG is around 5.2 - 5.4 V.

Your support is appreciated in the following:

1- Why I'm I receiving the message 'PEC Error was detected in the received data'

2- There is no signal on the line MISO

3- inaccurate voltage readings are 6.2 for all cells

An old fashioned wiring digram would be better. There it is easy to discouver any missing connections.
I don't read Your question and making drawings here.

I'm having the same issue. Were you ever able to figure it out?