DCcduino doesn’t work with IoT Cloud

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I bought a DCcduino with ATMEGA328.
I cannot understand how to add this device on IoT Cloud.

I guess is an Arduino compatible device, but if I select to add an Arduino device it fail in finding the device. If I select to add a third part product, I totally don’t know what kind of product is.

Someone managed how to add DCcduino on IoT Cloud?


which one ? a link would be helpful.
does it have internet access?

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In this page the list of supported board:

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Is this one. I guess is the clone of Arduino UNO

link does not work... a UNO is not a supported device for cloud activity (no cloud connection)

Do you want the IoT Cloud stuff (you need a board that can access the cloud for that) or you just want to use the on line web based IDE?


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