DccDuino Nano V3 power issue

Hello Guru's :slight_smile:

I've just buy my Arduino Nano 328P and I plugged an ethernet shield (ENC28J60) on it. When I check the power on the 3V3 pin, I get 2.28V therfore the sheild cannot work properly. When I unplug the shield I get 3.3V.

I check to my Arduino Uno with the same shield I have no issue, I get 3.3V on the pin.

I have do another check with a transceiver 2.4Ghz abd the issue is the same. When I plug something on my Nano, the power down to 2.28V.

What is the porblem ?

Kind Regards,

I don't think the 3.3V regulator on the Nano is very strong, it can only supply a few mA. I would recommend using a separate 3.3V regulator for powering shields.