DccDuino Uno and WS2801 Strip not working


I am using Dccduino Uno which is clone of Uno R3 and WS 2801 LED Strip which I got from here


here are the pictures of both the Duino and LED Strip

So, the Black wire is Ground
Blue wire is DI
Red wire is CI
White is 5V

My questions are:

  1. If I connect the LED Strip directly to 5V 10 A adapter without connecting it to the Duino, will all LED light up? Only the first LED and 2 random LEDs light up in my case

  2. How to connect the LED Stripe correctly? I followed the tutorial from Wiring | Adalight Project Pack | Adafruit Learning System and the wiring is like this

So the black cable to GND on duino
Blue cable to port 13
Red cable to port 11
And the adaptor port direcly to my power supply

I uploaded my Adalight code and only first LED changing color in random occurance

What's wrong?

  1. I tried to fired up Ambibox, and it's simply said that Adalight is no connected. Is my Dccduino board not compatible?



1.) When swiching on the strip with no connected DI the result is pretty much random. That is normal.

2.) The strip has a direction - the Arduino must be connected to DI, NOT to DO. Just saying because they have both a blue cable.

Try something simple for the beginning, for example the FastLED examples to check the proper connection, chipset and settings. When you estabilshed that you go further for the more complex sketches.

I have no idea what Ambibox is, but it is not possible to check by software if there is a strip present or not - the Arduino is only sending data in one direction.