DCF77 vs adafruit Neopixel who can help?

I have an Arduino Uno and use a radio clock receiver DCF77 and an LED strip with AdafruitNeopixel.
My problem:
with the example sketch DCF signal from DCF77

#define BLINKPIN 13
#define DCF77PIN 2

int prevSensorValue = 0;

void setup () {
Serial.begin (9600);
pinMode (DCF77PIN, INPUT);
pinMode (13, OUTPUT);
Serial.println ("0ms 100ms 200ms 300ms 400ms 500ms 600ms 700ms 800ms 900ms 1000ms 1100ms 1200ms");

void loop () {
int sensorValue = digitalRead (DCF77PIN);
if (sensorValue == 1 && prevSensorValue == 0) {Serial.println (""); }
digitalWrite (BLINKPIN, sensorValue);
Serial.print (sensorValue);
prevSensorValue = sensorValue;
delay (10);

I can immediately see the LED (13) on board on the Arduino Uno flashing in time with the incoming radio signals.

now I want to make this blink on a single LED on my WS2812b LED strip with the Neopixel Adafruit library.
my idea
if (digitalRead (DCF_PIN) == LOW) {pixels.setPixelColor (59, pixels.Color (7,0,0)); } else {pixels.setPixelColor (59, pixels.Color (0,0,0)); }

But it does not work.
The logic should be something like this: if LED13 flashes then LED59 flashes on the LED strip.
do you have any ideas how I can do that?
I am really very grateful for your answer and I wish you a good day.
Warm greetings

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