DCS Home built Cockpit using Arduino Leonardo as flight control inputs to PC

Good day

I am planning on building an interactive cockpit for DCS World Flight sim. I have been reading up extensively on ways of doing this and have found that the Arduino Leonardo would be perfect as it is picked up by the PC as a HID by default. Connecting switches also seemed to be rather simple to interact with the sim. The lesson I learned though is YOUTUBE is deceiving :o

So this is where I am standing:
1 - Decide on the layout of your cockpit - what goes where and does what - Check - All schematics in place
2 - How to connect the switches to Leonardo - Fail - Due to programming the Leonardo for the way I want the switches to function VS what is available
3 - Programming the Leonardo - Fail - Due to me not being a programmer and not being able to find a generic downloadable program (sketch I think it is referred to)

I would like to now go into this project with assistance.

Is there anyone out there that would like to join me in this venture? I can do all the work. Building the cockpit is no problem as I am technically minded and can manufacture well. I also have reasonable electronic skills and can wire switches and make proper harnesses for wiring, soldering also good.

All I need is someone to tell me where to connect the wires to the Leonardo (simple circuit diagram) and write the Programming / Sketch / Code for the Leonardo.

I would like to get as many switches out of the Leonardo possible as the DCS flightsim modules is complex and have many systems to control.

I am looking forward to partner up with someone and eagerly await replies.



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Tom... :slight_smile:

Get post did you find anyone to help??