Hi, There are 2 Decagon5TE on my hands and I have already studied with one of them, via SDI12, but my problem is that the second one does not, when I examine it's datasheet, I realize that I must use one of the other ways for communication, and I have no idea about DDI serial, can anyone help me?

SDI12? "...the second one does not..." ?

I don't see any program. Even if I understood, how is this a programming problem?

michaelproino: can anyone help me?


You are the guy with the datasheet.


SDI-12 is an a weird serial standard that looks nasty to emulate. You want to use the "RS232 (TTL)" communication mode, which can be connected to a hardware serial or via SoftwareSerial.

I wasn't able to find any information on how to use set the communication mode or what baud it uses or what format it sends the data in.

I looked at SDI-12 a while ago when someone was offering money for a software implementation on another microcontroller... I got a few pages into the spec before I turned around and ran the other way. I would write off SDI-12 unless you already have some device or library that can interface with that.