Deactivate and reactivate the serial communication

Hello everyone,
I'm making a thermometer with an arduino uno but i have a problem with the serial monitor.
I am printing a lot of stuff with the function Serial.println(). I want to be able to stop all my Serial.println() functions an reactivate it later, with a I saw that it's possible to do it with the function Serial.end() which works in my case but later when i want to reactivate the Serial.println() using Serial.begin(9600) doesn't reactivate the Serial.println() functions that i set up in the loop.
So the problem is: how do i deactivate and reactivate the serial communication?
I hope that what i'm saying is clear :sweat_smile:

Declare a global boolean variable named printEnabled and set it to true

Make all of of your Serial.print()s conditional on the value of the boolean

if (printEnabled)
  Serial.print("whatever you want to print");

At the start of loop(), if Serial data is available, then read a character and if it is a '1' set printEnabled to true. If it is '0' set printEnabled to false

Thx for that fast and clear answer