dead dht22

I have a dht22 on roughly 20’ of cable to a fake nano measuring outdoor temp and humidity, it worked for about 10 months, and has now stop giving temp and always giving 99%rh. after a bit of googling, a year seems to be about the expected life of one of these sensors in harsh conditions (were currently in a cold spell of a week of -20C)

see attached picture of the sensor, you can just see the tip of it poking out of the grey septor. i though the septor would keep it protected as it can be rained on, its also located on the north face of my garage, so its always in the shade too. the septor is plugged up with silicone so the summer heat from the garage attic doesn’t impact the sensor.

any suggestions to get more life out of my setup? different sensor? different mounting?


well, same wiring setup, but have gone with a ds18b20 temp sensor which is wired up and giving data. going to add a hih4000 humidity sensor (ordered, just waiting on it to arrive) but i have two questions on the humidity sensor.

i plan on wiring it to my nano with roughly 20' of 18/3 copper thermostat wire, any issues with that? given the gauge, that it is copper and essentially no current, i wouldn't expect much voltage drop. secondly, the sensor consumes about 200ma of power, if its right beside my ds18b20, will it skew my temp readings?