"Dead Drop" styled audio player project - needs maker!!

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I'm looking for a good soul to help me with an audio based project. I'm working with a musician and wanting to create a self contained audio player (power, audio decoder & headphone jack). Ideally I need to make many (budget pending) to distribute across the world and installed into cracks within walls. Ultimately these would create audio listening stations and discovered by GPS / word of mouth.

I'm figuring that something along these lines should work: a self contained unit which powers on & plays only when a headphone is inserted into the jack. The unit would stop when the headphone is removed. Hopefully a battery could power that for several hours continuous play and therefore these could love for a few weeks.

So that's the general idea. The artist is an independent ambient / electronic / field recording. If you're interested in helping please reply below. Even if you have any tips as to where to start would be super useful. Basically any help is golden. :*

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Do these players have to be doing anything else when not being listened to ?

If not then the plugging in of a headphone could in itself be the switch that controls the power to the unit making it not use up any battery when not being played.

What is it playing, some music coded onto a removable media ?

Do they have to be waterproof and if so to what level ?

Cheers Pete.

Evening Pete

No, when not being listened to they need to power down as much as possible. So yeah, inserting a headphone jack could turn on the power and trigger playing of audio and removing headphones could stop play and turn off the power. This will maximise battery life. Thinking further it would be great it this device could be solar powered / charge battery by solar (cost pending).

I found this earlier which sounds perfect (I think) http://www.vlsi.fi/en/products/vs1000module.html and/or http://www.vlsi.fi/en/products/vs1011.html but I have no idea how to configure it.

You interested? ;)


Sorry, forgot to say, yes it will need to operate outdoors so maybe sealing the whole thing in resin? I don't mind if this means hard wiring in a Duracell battery if the device can run for several hours non stop (therefore hopefully a few weeks of intermittent play - these will be hidden secretly in locations so use will be minimal).


HI Dom,

I think the first option is your best as it is a self contained [player with almost everything you need out of the box.

I can build you something using this module. Would you be wanting to control it in some way or just have it play a song list from the start every time the headphone jack was plugged in.

As far as Photovoltaic cells are concerned they are also readily available off the shelf and are easily connected to this board with some attentional bit and bobs to make it all work.

I have sent you a PM with my email address so we can take this off forum if you want to.

Cheers Pete

Got your message, emailing you now. Cheers!