dead HC-05?


I was working with a HC-05 module with the arduino uno. It worked properly for several projets, but today it seems dead. It starts blinking when it recieves power, and i can connect with it. When im connected switches from blinking continously to a 2s blink, but when i try to send/recieve data, it doesn't work.

I also tried to connect the two RX/TX pins and send some comands (with the RX and TX connected it should return the same command that recieves), but it dont return anything.

I always connected the HC-05 to the 3.3V power output of the arduino, and the RX and TX pins directly to the board, without voltage divider :confused:

Is the HC-05 dead? If not what is happening?

Thank you

Is the HC-05 dead?

On what you have said, it seems very much alive. If it is on a breakout board, you might try turning it over and reading what it says about power.