dead keys not working in IDE

On Arduino IDE 0022 and 1.0 on (k)ubuntu x86_64, the dead keys (eg. for using ' " ^ ) cannot be entered in the main window. The serial monitor works just fine.

Anyone aware of a solution, work around, bug report? Can / should I file a new bug report and if yes: Where?

I finally managed to figure out a work around. In KDE the keyboard configuration can be set in:

  • System Settings
  • Keyboard Settings
  • Layout
  • Select 'Show indicator'
  • Select 'Per window'
  • Add
  • Select a variant without 'dead keys', eg. "English (US, with Euro on 5)"

After applying these settings, I select the window for input focus and I click the indicator in the system tray when I want to switch the keyboard configuration. The keyboard setting needs only be set once per window and is rememberd over program restarts.