Dead Links in playground/CourseWare/AnalogInput

The three example links below lead to Page Not Found errors:

Examples Potentiometer (to... ??) Schematic: Variable resistor (LDR, thermistor, flex) - pg34 Schematic:

This is something that bugs me about forums and sites similar in nature to this; the internet isn't a static place, and there isn't any feedback as to what is "live" and what is "dead" - no one saves this stuff, or puts it in a place for it to be recovered in the future (even the wayback machine can't cover it all). We end up reinventing the wheel in so many ways so often. I wish I knew of a practical and inexpensive solution to this problem, but there really isn't one.

This is why when I find sites or pages that have interesting information on them, I take an archive copy - whether it is a single page, or multiple gigabytes of an entire site - it gets dropped onto my home fileserver. There have been cases where I was glad I had done that (I have a few sites from the now defunct geocities saved, for instance - while I am sure there was a ton of garbage on geocities, I often wonder about the few gems on there, some which will never again see the light of day).

This of course does nothing to help on sites I haven't seen yet, unfortunately...