dead mini...

so, with the merest brush of an elbow, i joined the dead board club by running 12v into the vcc on a pro mini... not surprisingly it's totally unresponsive, though it is recognized in my system profiler and the power light is one. no startup-blink on the 10 pin either.

even if i can isolate whether it's the voltage regulator or the atmega, has anyone had success replacing the SMT bits on a mini?

At 12V it is defiantly not going to be the regulator, that is well within it's voltage range.
The biggest problem you face is removing the IC. To do this you will need a hot air gun.
Failing that if you have a very fine pair of side cutters it is possible to remove the chip by snipping all the legs, although this sometimes damages the board.
Then clean up with solder bade and pop a new chip on, then burn the boot loader with a programmer.

I do like the way you understate, Mike.

"pop a new chip on"

I used to think my largest problems with anything electronic were having bad eyesight and being colour-blind. I solved the former by using a USB microscope, only to discover that the onslaught of the years means my soldering hand is too unsteady....

Well compared with getting the old one off, putting a new one on is the easy part. :wink: