Dead ?

i think i made a great misstake.

i use an arduino uno without atmel as ISP. now i connected the +5 V and the GND from arduino to the breadboar where also is a GND for 24V.... +5V (from arduino) and +24V never has contact.... but the two GND.

the the arduino want work as an ISP and also writing to his own Atmel did work.

Time for a new board ???

If you connected only the grounds there should be no problem. But if the 24V has made contact for only a short time directly or indirectly or through one of the pins, that can be fatal and damage your Arduino.

Time for a new board ???

There is allways time for a new board :)

the atmel morks fine.... only the board did not upload new code.

is it normal that the pin0 and pin1 (rx/tx) always are HIGH ?