Deadbolt wireless control board

So i received this old kwickset powered deadbolt and having not reached the threshold of having too many projects going on I decided to add one more project to my list. As i am a bit of a beginner when it comes the electronics I have been reading non stop about every aspect of the things that I am trying to do in this project so any and all input is appreciated.

Here is the schematic I came up, it does 4 things:

  1. using the existing keypad matrix it accepts an access code, or locks the door without doing anything else if the lock key is pressed.

  2. it sends the access code that was entered wireless via the NRF24L01+ back to a master control connected to a PC which intern checks the code against the known good codes and sends back a good or bad response.

  3. it unlocks the door or it does nothing based on the response from the computer.’

  4. it checks the status of the existing 4 AA batteries used to power the arduino, motor, and wireless device and sends the status to the computer when it drops to point where it is deemed the batteries need to be changed.

Let me know if I got the schematics right or if I should do anything differently.

Are you powering this all the time from 4 x AA batteries.

Its not going to last very long.

Or are you planning to put the arduino into a low power mode, and if so, how are you getting out of that mode.

I'm not an expert on the NRF24L01, does it have an ultra low power mode you can use, as you don't appear to be switching its supply on and off