Deal with files in Teensy and RPi pico

I have txt file on my pc, how can I read this file by using arduino ide and teensy or Rpi pico.
with esp32 I used SPIFFS.h
Any advice ?

What do you want to do with it as you read it? How big is it? this additional information will help us help you.

Yes, I need to read values from it, size 1K or more, and the values like this :
I need a way that I can deal with files in Teensy and Rp Pico. As I said I use SPIFFS to deal with files to read or write on file with esp32 so can I use SPIFFS with Teensy or Rp Pico ??

Since you are using floating point numbers they each require 4 bytes of storage so your 1K has become 4K. Given enough time there is no limit as to how much you can read, what you do with it is what counts. If you read so not store no problem. Probably the most important part is how are you going to get the data off of your PC. Your PC will not share the hard drive so software of some type on the PC has to read it and pass it to the arduino. You can go to the DOS prompt and use the type command and it will appear on your monitor, this does not require anything else.

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