Debian Stretch x64 - Plugin doesn't work

Just tried to get the web programmer running on Debian Stretch, and the plugin did not work.

Spat some error messages and kept spamming the console every second or so with the following:

[ERR] bonjour: Failed to bind to udp6 port: listen udp6 :5353: bind: address already in use
INFO[0016] [{/dev/ttyACM0 0x0042 0x2341 9553034383435120E0E0 false}]
INFO[0018] [{/dev/ttyACM0 0x0042 0x2341 9553034383435120E0E0 false}]

I am giving up and using the arduino IDE for linux which I can install with apt.

Hi mbleyerveld, the plugin seems to be working (don't worry about the ERR log, it only refers to mdns discovery).

The problem lies probably in the https certificates which didn't install correctly because every distribution has its own method of installing. To fix it manually, right click on the Agent and select "Open debug console".

An address like "http://localhost:8991/" should open ; change it into "https://localhost:8992/" and explicitly accept the certificate for that website from your browser UI (the actual procedure is quite different between Chrome and Firefox).

Once done, you should see the green locker and you'll be able to use Create.