Debouncing Button Library

Working with the Arduino I was looking for a library that had all the button
functionality I need already in place.
Unfortunately there was no library available that had everything I wanted. So I
wrote my own.

This DebounceButton library currently has

  • Debouncing
  • Event-like interface (onPress, onRelease, onHold)
  • Interval events for hold buttons
  • Supports 3 types of buttons: pull down, pull-up and internal pull-up using the
    Arduino internal pull-up resistor
  • Single call for updating all buttons

What do you think; should I add it to the Playground, even though there's already 7 button/debouncing libraries?

Any requests that you'd like included in a complete button library?

Version 0.3 is available now

Version 0.3 (03-02-2010)
Removed some Serial.print lines that accidentally ended up in 0.2
Added: down time information
Removed: &'s from the event setting
Added: click event