Debouncing Interrupt - 'variable was not declared in this scope - Please Help !

I have taken some code from the forum and elsewhere to be able to debounce an interrupt on pin 2. It is short but I cannot figure out why it fails to compile and gives the error---- "last_micros was not declared in this scope"

long debouncing_time = 15;  //debouncing time in milliseconds\
volatile unsigned long last_micros;
unsigned long time;

void setup(){

void loop(){
  // do something here

void debounceInterrupt(){
  time = micros();
  if((time - last_micros) >= (debouncing_time * 1000))
    last_micros = micros();

void InterruptAction1(){
  //do something here

The backslash on the end of the comment on the first line is causing the problem. Remove it.


Compiles OK on mine. IDE 1.5.5

Doesn’t compile for me with 1.0.5. Remove the backslash and it compiles.