Debug Level and Debug Port

How do I get (to see) Debug Level and Debug Port on the IDE tools menu.

Thank you Alan

You really haven't provided much information to work with here but I'm going to take a wild guess. You're referring to the ESP8266 core. You will only find those custom tools menus shown with certain boards of that core for some reason, If you choose Tools > Board > Generic ESP8266 Module, ESPresso Lite 1.0, Phoenix 1.0, Phoenix 2.0, WifInfo, or Core Development Module you will see it. Any other board you will not. Why these options aren't implemented on the other boards of that core I have no idea.

Good guess although I didn't think it was purely to do with the ESP8266 boards let alone dependent upon specific boards that were loaded. I wondered if it was a generic feature...

I'll stop worrying about that one and focus on the current rubbish messing with my head such as the existence or otherwise of the function scanNetworksAsync, which I find in a downloaded library but not in the one that got stuck into my C: drive in packages with ESP8266 core. Can't replace one with the other as some #defines are missing.

In general Arduino code, libraries, docs, web pages etc don't seem to be under control - mixed up, out of date with one another and generally a bit like a teenagers bedroom. Ho hum.

Yeah, scanNetworksAsync() was added to the ESP8266WiFi library after the last release:

Did you try replacing the entire ESP8266WiFi library with the latest one from the GitHub repository?

In this case I think they do a good job of keeping the libraries bundled with that core “under control”. All libraries bundled with a given release should be compatible. Development progresses and using a library in a later development state with a previous core version can’t be expected to always work. It is unfortunate that it’s been 10 months since the last release but the whole project is run by volunteers who have been putting much more of their time into the ESP32 core since the last release.

You could also try updating the entire core. This isn’t as easy as just installing via Boards Manager though. There are some instructions here:

I haven’t tried them. I’m pretty sure you can ignore the part about using Arduino IDE 1.6.8.