Debug output on ft232rl

Hi folks

I have a Uno and an esp8266 wifi module. I currently have the esp8266 connected via SoftwareSerial and writing debug info to the ide serial monitor via Serial and the usb connection.

I'd like to connect the wifi module to the hardware serial connection.

I have an ft232rl module (cheap ebay version). Can I write to a usb connected terminal running on the pc via this module?

The pc runs Debian.
The Ft232rl module has the following pins: gnd, cts, vcc, tx, rx and dtr.
I've tried connected the power and tx and rx pins and using minicom on the pc, but haven't had any success.

Is this feasible? If so could you help with how I'd connect the uno and configure minicom?

Thanks very much for the help.


That should be possible. Just use SoftwareSerial to send stuff to the Serial Monitor by connecting rx tx and gnd of the FT232 cable. I presume Rx goes to Tx etc. Remember that this will not cause the Arduino to reset when the PC opens the serial connection - which may or may not be a good thing.

You will obviously need to disconnect your wifi module from pins 0 and 1 when you want to upload software with the regular USB connection


Thanks very much for the reply Robin. I've tried this without a good result so far. Is it possible I need to do something with the dtr and cts pins?

Hi - got it working thanks. It was just my lack of minicom expertise that was the problem. I found that I had to save the USB serial port selection and speed as default, then restart minicom. And set the hardware flow control off.