Debug Sketch project with JTAC SAM ICE

Hi everyone !

I would like to know if there is a way to debug a sketch project in ATMEL Studio 6.1 with the Atmel JTAG SAM Ice debugger.

I know one can use it in the case where you create a Due Board project, which then use the Atmel Framework. But the thing is I already created a sketch project which is quite big now. In a sketch project I can't use the SAM-ICE debugger because it has to go through the ATmega2560 first (since I believe that Arduino framework expect the user to use the USB serial to program the board).

If there is no way, what it the easiest method to transpose a sketch project into an Arduino Due board project. The idea is that I would like to keep using the Arduino framework (very convenient). I tried but I face some issues when it comes to include every libraries of the Arduino framework (so much files everywhere !). Maybe I'm doing it wrong.

If you need me to be more specific, don't hesitate to ask.

Thanks in advance for your enlightenment.

Best regards.

Hi again,

I found this thread where people talk about debugging Arduino code with the JTAG ICE, but it needs to change the Atmel Framework toolchain (

The problem is I am using atmel studio 6.1 right now and so I can't find the equivalent header file the modified. Does anyone have been able to debug Arduino code with an external debugger under atmel studio 6.1 or higher ?