Decade resistance Box using Arduino UNO ?

Wondering if its possible to build a Decade resistance box using my UNO, A display,Breadboard and a rotary encoder to select required resistance.
Obviously other components would be required.
Was thinking of purchasing the Sparkfun kit but thought it would be more fun to do it this way.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.


The main question is how will you switch elements together? That needs to be low resistance or the accuracy of the "box" will suffer.

It would take "A Lot" of relays to do this.

Or some servo-controlled physical switches.. (But, Sparkfun says the switches are difficult to turn)

Or some rotary "stepping" relays like the Plain Old Telephone System used to use...

A decade resistor box does not require a microcontroller, just good old fashioned rotary switches and precision resistors.

In fact, using any sort of electronic control makes the system less widely usable, imposing more stringent limits on voltages (and polarity if you do it one of the easy ways) - or if you use relays, it's bulky and expensive... IMO your decade boxes should not have any active electronics in them.